Delivery Review: Shipping from Target

Note: I wrote and scheduled this post before employees at Target (along with Amazon, Whole Foods, Shipt, Wal-Mart, FedEx, and Instacart) went on strike to collectively protest their working conditions. In support of the workers, I will be trying as hard as possible to avoid buying anything using those companies again until some resolution comes to this situation. But look for future delivery review posts for other companies. Though those seven represent the majority of grocery delivery in my area, if not the United States itself, there are alternatives, and I'm pleased to have found several--and they're better than the big names! Please look forward to reviews of these other options coming soon. If you want ideas for how to find your own alternatives in the meantime, let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do to help you find some. Stay safe out there.

As getting groceries becomes more fraught and complicated, I thought it might be useful if I shared my experiences. Hence, my first "haul" post, and my first foray into having food delivered rather than going out to get it. Grocery stores near me won't deliver because the demand is so high I can't get a slot, but I'm still finding ways to get things.

This was a small amount of stuff from Target, a sort of test run for me. The Target website makes a distinction between delivery (from your local store, for which you pay through the nose) and shipping (which is free for orders over $35, but takes several days). Ordering is kind of like making a wish, since not everything may actually be in stock, and you may not get everything. And you can only get shelf-stable stuff, obviously.

Ordering is also inordinately complex because Target won't allow you to just look at the things eligible for shipping to you, but also shows you things that could ship to anyone (which may not be you) and things eligible for delivery and not shipping. And ultimately selection is extremely limited (Hunt's was the only tomato sauce available to me, for example.) But I managed.

Not pictured here, I also ordered some toiletries and cleaning supplies, which were actually the main motive for this order.

Everything I ordered actually did come, and only two business days after I ordered, which was a pleasant surprise! In terms of food, I bought some tortilla strip chips, a few bags of veggie snacks I wanted to try, some Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups, a small can of tomato sauce, a bottle of rice vinegar, and a box of vanilla chai tea (caffeinated--I have caffeine a few times per month, when I'm desperate, which I've discussed with my doctors and they approve, so long as I keep it rare, and my preferred source is a flavored black tea).

The bad news is that they shipped it to me with the rice vinegar on top of the chips, so I had tortilla crumbs more than chips. Some chips did survive and you'll see them in my meals later and the rest will have to go into a taco casserole.

Also, it came in three separate boxes, I'm assuming because it came from three different locations, and there was a lot of plastic involved to pad things (and yet the chips still got smashed). But overall, in this sort of emergency situation, I was pleased. The prices were the same as if I'd bought the same things from my local store, delivery was free, and it came within a reasonable amount of time without anything missing.

There was something comforting about the arrival of these things, too; it gave me a sense of agency and control. I am not entirely at the mercy of the generosity of my friends (who are lovely, but could get sick themselves, or might end up with other stressors) or at risk from going to the grocery stores. I can still get things I need, myself. It's reassuring.

Total score: 3 out of 5 for pandemic, 1.5 out of 5 for the imaginary normal times


  1. Oh, such a shame that the chips got crushed! But excellent that you got Justin's Dark Chocolate PB cups.
    In normal times we do a combination of a Coles delivery that comes without bags (they carry it in a box and unpack it in the kitchen) and me shopping with my reusable bags. These days almost all our food comes from weekly Coles deliveries and of course they can't come in so there are so many plastic bags in my house right now! Plastic is unavoidable in these times.

    Also thanks for your note up top! I have been following this in the US. I know for some people they have no other option but to order from those companies, but for those who can find alternatives, that is the way to go! I've had a personal boycott on Amazon for the last few years. I was so sad when they bought Book Depository!

    1. I ordered from Target because I didn't want to order from Amazon, and in general during normal life I avoid buying things online in favor of brick and mortar stores in my own community. But it may be the case, at some point, that I will be one of the people who can't get what I need without using one of the problematic companies. I accept that, but I also will continue to try to figure out ways to avoid it.

    2. Yep yep yep. We do the best we can, sometimes circumstances aren't what we'd like, in which case we do what we need to do! <3

  2. Definitely disappointing that the chips were crushed! I know you'll definitely find a delicious way to use them but definitely disappointing if you can't use them for what you originally intended. Ive been pushing myself to go to the stores when I have to but have also been trying to find some alternatives to these companies too. It's also so hard because I believe the it's still difficult to get delivery times from the local grocery stores. It shouldn't be this stressful to get groceries and essentials!

    1. It really is a mess. I don't go to the store anymore because of my autoimmune disorder, but there are never any slots available from any of the grocery stores near me. So I had to go sideways, and it is still possible I will have to get a few things from companies I've been avoiding. Accepting that has decreased my anxiety, which frees me up from the paralyzing stress of thinking I won't have any way to get stuff. I'm working it out, and we'll see!


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