Sequestration Meal #60

I had some kidney beans left over from making those kidney bean-based beefless filets, so I made a simple salad of kidney beans with cucumbers and red onion in a vinaigrette. On the side, I had some carrot salad in walnut vinaigrette (from Healthy Cooking for Two (Or Just You) (1995)), and potato salad (somewhat based on this one from It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken). When I made the beefless filets, I boiled some extra potatoes to use in meals later on, and made the potato salad with about half of them as meal prep. In the past, I haven't been all that keen on "meal prep" but I think it's not a bad idea in these overwhelming times.

Returning to my aged cookbooks helped to bring me a little bit out of a funk, and I've always loved this carrot salad. It's easy and very distinctive in flavor due to the walnut oil in the dressing.

I can't say that this is the best thing I've ever eaten. But I can say that it made me feel good about how well I did taking care of myself on this day.


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