Sequestration Meal #46

Though it didn't quite end up folding the way I'd planned, and thus is in pieces, I was still really happy with this mung bean omelet, served alongside some cubed avocado and homemade bread I toasted (from Loaf #3, if you were following the bread saga in yesterday's post). I've made this recipe from Liv B.'s blog so many times! It's one of my most favorite things. In this case, the veggies I included in the omelet were mushrooms, spinach, red bell pepper, and onions. I didn't bother with cheese (I hardly have any and am pondering making my own, incidentally, if you have recommendations), and in this case, it was still wonderful without any cheese.


  1. It was perfect the first time. I learn so much from you as well! Keep it up great post.

  2. I have some assorted vegan cheese recipes, what sort of thing are you after?

    1. I want something I can shred, like cheddar or mozzarella, but not something that requires anything too weird in terms of ingredients, because I would have a hard time finding things.


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