Sequestration Meal #47

As I've continued to try to find alternative protein sources (maybe just in case, but it really is hard getting beans and tofu these days, let alone prepared meat substitutes like Gardein), I ran across this recipe for walnut pasta sauce over at the Edgy Veg. Cashew cream sauce we all know, but walnuts? I had to try it. I garnished this linguine in walnut cream sauce with some dried parsley and a halved grape tomato.

I liked it! It really didn't taste a whole lot like walnuts--I think soaking took out a lot of the walnutty-ness--and it was deep and rich in a way cashew cream sauces could never be. Later, I mixed some spaghetti sauce into to the leftover sauce as Candice suggested to make a rosé sauce. I didn't have any linguine left, so I used the end of some cappellini instead.

I liked this, too! And I was really glad to have something I could make quickly on a super low energy day.


  1. Oooh, I have not heard of/thought of walnut cream either. I don't love walnuts a lot of the time because I find them bitter, so I am glad to hear the soaking mellows them. And clever idea to make a pink sauce from the white sauce!

    1. Definitely mellow, yes--not even really nutty, just creamy.

  2. The walnut cream sauce sounds so good! And the rosé version is a great idea, too!


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