Interlude: Kaiser Rolls

I ran out of the bread dough I wrote about before, so I decided to make Kaiser rolls using a recipe I'd already tried and knew would work unless I messed it up. I followed the instructions to veganize it on Allison Klar's blog.

Aren't they cute?

I made them for a few reasons. One, because I knew they freeze well (just wrap them individually and then seal them in a plastic bag). Two, because I could feel my energy levels dropping and knew I needed some easier food. Three, because after having the fishless filets and potato wedges I really wanted a fishless sandwich with the leftover wedges and leftover tartar sauce.

And I knew they would make a reasonably good breakfast, too, stuffed with veggies and vegan pate and vegan cream cheese.

And not long after that, I pulled another one out of the freezer and toasted it to have some of my last package of Tofurky with veggies in it as a sandwich with a side of Trader Joe's cornbread crisps.
This may have been the best meal I got out of the Kaiser rolls, though I'll note the seeds are slowly diminishing. It's hard to get them to stick after you've handled them as much as it takes to freeze, thaw, etc.!

And because I'd already opened the Tofurky, I had another, similar sandwich on a day I'd also prepped some side salads (potato salad and carrot salad).

This was nice, too, but I didn't toast the roll and that made a difference. Lesson learned: If you can manage it, toast the roll if you're not eating it fresh from the oven!

The rest are still in the freezer, waiting for other days I just can't handle things and I make some sort of sandwiches. I'm dreaming of the day I can get frozen meals more easily and I don't have to keep expending energy on such things, but until then, well, I'm going to do my best. I'm taking care of me, hard as that may be, and somehow or other I will try to avoid smoothies for dinner too often.

P.S. Although most of my posts are delayed for a little while, I wrote this postscript today, May 21. It has been an extraordinarily difficult time for me emotionally these past few weeks. I hope all of you are doing okay. But if you're floundering, too, out there, just know that you're definitely not alone in that. So virtual hugs and Kaiser rolls for all!


  1. <3 I am sorry things are so hard. I am impressed that you made rolls! It is always good to have things on hand for easy quick meals. Are there any vegan meal delivery services in your area?

    1. Thanks! I would be too paranoid to eat prepared food someone else made right now anyway, but I live in a small town, and the only vegan delivery option would probably be Chinese food, if the restaurant is open (I don't even know). I'm in coronavirus central, it seems. But I'm pretty sure things will be okay if I just prepare myself appropriately. I expect to be isolated for at least three more months, so it has started to make sense to order canned goods by the case, for example. I think I'll be okay. It's just hard.

    2. It is an adjustment for sure. We get delivery from local restaurants about once a week, though things are much better here coronavirus wise. There are also a few companies here that offer vegan meal deliveries of frozen meals, or even some of those Hello Fresh type services, but they are expensive and tend to be full of coconut fat and chili when I look on the available meals, so I have never tried it.

    3. Oh, I think I have access to those kind of services, too, maybe? But they are outrageously expensive and the food looks really unappetizing to me. Plus, they usually have minimum subscription levels that don't match up well for one person. But I do appreciate the reminder, should something change and my feeling awful is less cyclical and more a thing I would expect to last and last.

  2. Your Kaiser rolls look amazing! Virtual hugs to you as well! <3


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