Sequestration Meal #57

When I asked about what to do with soy curls, Susan from Kittens Gone Lentil was kind enough to remind me of Sarah's recipe for No Chicken Noodle Soup on her Long Island Vegan blog. Since I knew this was pretty great with various seitan-based vegan chicken substitutes, I figured it would probably be good with soy curls, too--as Sarah originally intended!

This is food to soothe the soul, really. In the midst of everything, a steamy bowl of noodle soup can do wonders for one's morale. And indeed, soy curls are nice in this. Leftovers, as with many soups, were better than the first day.


  1. Oh, this looks just right for soothing. It is getting chilly here now, and I have some precious soy curls in my freezer, so this looks like a good thing to make when the weather is cold.

    1. Ironically, today is the first day I've caved and ran my air conditioning!

  2. Such a good recipe! I need to make this again soon!


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