Sequestration Meal #39

Today I wanted a salad. I used the end of a head of romaine lettuce and tossed it with red bell pepper, red onion, yellow tomatoes, cucumbers, some garlic croutons, Bac'n bits, Daiya cheddar, and hemp seeds. The dressing was my laziest one: Some Vegenaise mixed with bottled Italian dressing.

I loved this! Sometimes all you want is a simple salad, I guess.

This was followed by some Trader Joe's maple cookies for dessert.

They're as good as they are adorable!


  1. I've been enjoying some salad lately when I can. I put bacon bits in mine yesterday as well! Today I am making a taco salad with a bit of left over TVP mexican mince and some guac, salsa, and natural yoghurt (in place of sour cream). Alas, I have no tortilla chips!

    1. I'm always shocked when a green salad is what I want as a meal! It's supposedly not my thing. But every once in a while I just NEED SALAD for whatever reason. I hope you enjoy your taco salad!

  2. Hooray for simple salads! And those cookies are so cute!


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