Sequestration Meal #43

Lately I've been wanting familiar things, I guess--easier ones than I made in the early stages of my sequestration. So this time I reached back to a recipe I put up here in 2015, "Starving Student Cuban Black Beans and Rice." To quote my younger self:

When this blog was hiatus due to a broken camera, there was a season of poverty for me. You might have sensed this given my lack of funding to buy a camera, but ... I was really the starving grad student there for a while. For a time, I basically ate whatever happened to be on clearance at Target, alongside some very, very cheap things. I found this recipe on the back of a bag of store brand rice, and tried it mostly because it seemed extremely cheap. It was also easy, and seemed reasonably nutritious. It just so happens that it is also vegan, and astoundingly comforting. I didn't keep much in terms of poverty ration-type food, but I did keep this. As recipes go, it covers a lot of ground: cheap, fast, easy, good-tasting and good-for-you, gluten free, vegan. I've modified the recipe slightly, so I'll share it with you here, as Starving Student Cuban Black Beans & Rice.
There are elements of the life I'm living that have resemblance to those days, though if my camera broke now I'd just order a new one right away and in the mean time make do with my phone camera--I'm so glad to have a job with reasonable pay. But I am in the process of eating whatever I happen to be able to get, making meals I wouldn't necessarily have chosen but that nonetheless keep me fed and at least sort of healthy. There is nothing fancy about these beans. But they are there, a nice, creamy reminder of hard times I've already survived.


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