Sequestration Meal #41

I didn't want to use quite as many ingredients as a full sized lasagna would make (even though I can definitely eat a 9 x 9 pan of lasagna before it goes bad--I mean, it's lasagna), so I made a loaf pan lasagna. I used a half recipe of the ricotta from the From my Bowl blog, which is, I swear to you, so much better than I remember dairy ricotta being, and mixed it with some veggies I'd chopped up and sauteed (onions, peppers, carrots, broccoli stems, mushrooms, garlic, and some frozen spinach). I then assembled my lasagna with jarred spaghetti sauce and Trader Joe's mozzarella.

The Trader Joe's mozzarella melts more convincingly than many vegan mozzarella brands do, but the texture is less convincing--more like American cheese in texture than mozzarella. Still, this was pretty great. I'll be coming to the end of my vegan cheese stash soon, but what a way to go, right?


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