Sequestration Meal #54

This is a very 1950s "ladies lunching at home" sort of meal: A vegan BLT salad and some crescent rolls.

The BLT salad is what made it feel so 1950s. I was channeling the late Southern Frugal chef herself, Phyllis Stokes, I guess. She recently passed away, but had a YouTube channel I used to watch sometimes, where she prepared (decidedly not vegan) 1950s meals of her childhood. In one of those, she talked about the kinds of salads her mother usually made--not a whole lot of fresh produce was available year-round in the 1950s, and a lot of salads were more or less just lettuce and tomato in some mayo thinned with milk or even just mayo thinned with the juice of the tomatoes that had been cut over a bowl. So I made this salad, thinking of that--it's just romaine, tomatoes, red onion, Bac'n bits, and a dressing of Vegenaise thinned with soy milk and seasoned with salt and pepper. It was good, though of course not really enough to keep me full for long, so I had some chocolate for dessert.


  1. I love all versions of BLTs! And salads are a really good one for warmer days. I am interested about the mayo thinned with the tomato juices... though born of frugality it sounds... kind of nice.

  2. A BLT salad sounds lovely right now, as does chocolate for dessert!


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