Sequestration Meal #40

On my last enchilada post, I asked what you'd recommend trying next. A few of you suggested black bean-sweet potato enchiladas. What's funny about this photo is that the filling is so much prettier than the outside! I really should have taken assembly photos. But in any case, I made some enchilada sauce with a recipe from Cookies and Kate and some filling based on a recipe from the Minimalist Baker--mostly kale (from my freezer), sweet potatoes, and black beans. I added the end of a package of smoked non-dairy mozzarella, both inside and on top of the enchiladas, too.

They don't look like much, and they looked even sloppier when plated, but they were fantastic. I would readily make something like this again! I can't think of them as enchiladas, honestly, even though they are, because I have pretty strong associations with the creamy, meaty or cheesy fillings of my youth. But if I think of it as a nice casserole that feels like I'm doing something good for myself, I can totally get on board.


  1. Yay! Such a good combination. Sweet potato and black beans make such an attractive combination. I can imagine how pretty the insides were!

    1. And with the kale! It was such a gorgeous mixture of stuff that I ended up wrapping in pale yellow tortillas and covering with a brown sauce.

  2. The kale, sweet potato, and black bean combination sounds great!


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