Sequestration Meal #52

I found a source of tofu delivery (more on that later), so as I continued to feel not-quite-up-to-stuff I decided to make some of my maple-glazed tofu with steamed broccoli and halved grape tomatoes over rice. If I'd been feeling better I would have done something slightly more impressive with the broccoli, but this was pretty great for the moment I was in. And I've never had a problem eating plain, steamed broccoli. I recall a friend finding this really weird. "No butter? No oil? Just broccoli?" But to me, there's something kind of soothing about broccoli, all by itself. It's not exciting, but I can get it down and it generally doesn't cause any problems for me.

The leftovers got a slightly more impressive treatment.

I made a veggie fried rice with the leftover rice and a bunch of veggies that are in my fridge needing to be eaten. The tofu was presented as it was, just reheated with an effort to get sesame seeds to stick as a garnish (they would not; it had gotten too dry--so I added some scallions). I made a quick Asian-style cucumber and tomato salad (just cucumbers, grape tomatoes, rice vinegar, salt, pepper, sesame seeds, and a few drops of sesame oil) to go on the side. This was a pretty nice meal, too. Nothing spectacular, but it got the job done. The salad was actually pretty great, honestly, in a really surprising way!


  1. I love your maple-glazed tofu; thanks for reminding me of it!

    1. Thanks for trying it out! I'm glad other people like it besides me!


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