Delivery Review: Butler Foods

I hadn't planned to review Butler Foods, since all I was ordering was 6 packages of soy curls. But when I opened the package, I was astonished to find that they'd used their soy jerky and taco crumbles as packing material! That was such a remarkable surprise that I thought they deserved a shout out. (I am pretty sure they do not know I am a blogger, and this is not sponsored, but just in case they do, well, take that into consideration.)

The ordering process was relatively painless, but the communication came all through PayPal, which is not something I usually expect. It took less than a week for the order to get to me, which is also really good. It cost what seemed like a lot to ship to me ($11) but if you account for them using food as packing material maybe it was worth it!

I don't think I'd be likely to order the jerky or taco crumbles unless I happen to really like them, because you have to order large-ish quantities. But we'll see!

4.5 out of 5 for pandemic; 4 out of 5 for imaginary normal times


  1. That's so cool about the bonus items you received! What a nice surprise!


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