Sequestration Meal #109

I had other plans, but had to change them because my expected delivery of red potatoes was late. So I made this: gnocchi in an arugula-walnut pesto sauce, garnished with Violife Parmesan and a halved grape tomato.

The gnocchi is just plain packaged stuff. The arugula-walnut pesto was a necessity because of the arugula I had left from the farro risotto you saw a while back and needed to use up. I used the recipe at As Easy as Apple Pie. I was somewhat dubious that it would be good without any cheese or even any nutritional yeast, but I figured I could always add some if it needed it. It really didn't need anything! I was amazed! I will definitely be making arugula pesto again. It is so much more affordable than the basil-pine nut pesto is.

To round things out, later that evening I had some raspberry dark chocolate and a lemon sorbet my neighbor made. She had asked me for a can of coconut milk to make lemon sorbet and gave me some in exchange. I loved that she put the sorbet in the hollowed-out lemon peels!

It was a nice treat. I don't have an ice cream maker so I have never attempted such things, but I think they are theoretically possible without one.

P.S. Not only was the expected delivery of produce--alongside potatoes--late, the blueberries were left out entirely, the spinach was wilting, the broccoli was rotting, and the tomato was so severely bruised that only half of it was salvageable. Northeast Restaurant Direct did not respond to multiple messages about this, and their Facebook page indicates that they've been doing the same sort of thing to people for about a month. I will not order from them again and I must warn anyone who was going on my recommendation not to order from them. I don't know what happened, but they've clearly given up on providing any reasonable service to their customers. I filed a claim with PayPal to see if I can recover at least part of the cost of the order.


  1. That is infuriating about the produce delivery being of such poor quality! And terrible that they are not responding to concerns about it.

    1. I would really like to know what happened to turn them from a lifesaver into a nightmare.

  2. The lemon sorbet looks so cute in the lemon cup!
    I'm sorry to hear that the produce delivery didn't go well; hopefully you can get some money back from that order!


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