Sequestration Meal #116

Now that tofu is more readily available, I'm happy to put some in my summer rolls. I marinated some tofu I'd cut into sticks and then pan fried it. They made it into these summer rolls alongside cucumbers, carrots, red sweet pepper, spinach, and shredded purple cabbage. So pretty, and so good with the peanut dip I made out of the leftover marinade.

Spring roll wrappers aren't the easiest thing in the world to get in quarantine, but the friend who occasionally brings me a Wegmans delivery got some for me.


  1. This looks so pretty and fresh and colourful. And I love the idea of using the leftover marinade to make the peanut sauce with. You give me so many clever tips.

    1. It works well! Obviously you couldn't do that if you were using meat but it's perfectly fine with tofu.

    2. One of the extra benefits of being vegan!

  2. Such a fun and colorful lunch!


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