Sequestration Meal #127

Beyond Burgers went on sale. Oddly, they are one of the things that has become more readily available to me in quarantine than they were out of quarantine, given that my regular grocery store didn't usually have them. When they went on sale I decided I wanted to have one, but not as a burger, but as a slab o' protein covered in gravy.

So this is mashed potatoes, a half of a Beyond Burger (sliced in half lengthwise, so it visibly occupied the same horizontal space), mushroom-cream gravy, and a generous serving of Taste of Home's carrots and snow peas recipe (veganized with Earth Balance for the butter). It was pretty close to the perfect meal. But gravy does soothe my soul every time!

I've made this recipe for carrots and snow peas before. It goes with Asian-style meals but just as well with the typical meat-and-potatoes American fare, too. The sherry works some sort of magic.

Honestly, I have gotten a little weary of snow peas, given that I had to buy a full pound of them rather than the little bit in the bulk bin I would normally pick up if I wanted some. But at the time I ate this meal I was enthusiastic about them, so it worked out really well. Being single in quarantine is hard for some of the strangest reasons. "Can't have snow peas unless I am willing to eat snow peas for days on end" is but one of them. But oh, well. I am grateful for any fresh produce, however it comes.


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