Sequestration Meal #114

I was in the mood for kid food, I guess. The wildest of cravings had hit. I had a few Gardein crispy tenders with steamed broccoli and carrots and a pasta dish reminiscent of Chef Boyardee.

The key to making something taste like Chef Boyardee is to mix tomato sauce and cheese. I had some leftover Annie's vegan shells in creamy sauce and added some canned tomato sauce and then melted a slice of Field Roast Chao cheese into it. It was right on the nose. So if you ever have a craving for a can of pasta in a salty, cheesy tomato sauce like that, you can skip the canned pasta (thank goodness) and still fulfill it. I personally think this was a few notches above Spaghetti-Os, myself.


  1. I had to google Chef Boyardee, not something we have here, and wow they put a lot of stuff in cans! I do occasionally enjoy some tinned spaghetti here (though can be hard to find one without cheese in the sauce), but I think making your own version sounds much better.

    1. Yeah, Chef Boyardee is a very American thing, I think--even down to the name, which Hector Boiardi changed to make Americans pronounce it properly. I ate entirely too much Chef Boyardee ravioli, beefaroni, and lasagna in college. (Can you even picture canned lasagna?) In the mid-20th century I think the bland flavors appealed to the unadventurous American palate. These days, it's mostly served to kids (who also appreciate blandness).

    2. I am trying very hard to picture canned lasagne but... I cannot. Did it kind of sloop out of the tin in layers? Or was it more like just the flavours and components of lasagne but all mixed up?

    3. See for yourself:


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