Sequestration Meal #124

Eating Well Serves Two (2006) has a recipe for coconut-lime chicken salad. I figured I could veganize it with soy curls. Although I think my preparation style for the soy curls needed work--these were a bit soft because I didn't saute them on the stove and baked them in the sauce--it was still pretty great. I don't know that I liked the salad itself so much, in part because I had to substitute iceberg lettuce for the romaine because that is what I had. I have nothing against iceberg lettuce, but I do think romaine would hold up better here.

I will probably try this preparation for soy curls again, but in a different format--probably with rice and sides rather than as a salad.

I have more photos to share with you, but I've had a hard time wrapping my mind around blogging lately, so I may be a bit sporadic this week. There is nothing wrong with me other than the overload of issues that are plaguing us all these days (pun not quite intended but we really are plagued so I left it as it was). Stay well out there, in body and soul, as best you can.


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