Sequestration Meal #126

So it turns out dried cilantro from this angle just makes the plate look dirty, but I didn't have fresh and I wanted the flavor, so I went with it. This is the Thai Tempeh Vegan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recipe from the Joy of Eating blog. I made it mostly because I hadn't had tempeh or sweet potatoes in far too long.

I'd never even heard of tempeh before I went vegan, and when I first ate it, it seemed really mysterious, but I really enjoy it now. And this is a really simple recipe. The thing that makes it is the spicy peanut butter sauce, really, because the tempeh layer (for lack of better words) in this potato stuffing doesn't have much seasoning other than some sauteed onions and garlic, but it doesn't need more than that given how flavorful the whole thing is.

I did not roast the sweet potatoes in the oven; the slow cooker on high for four hours did a good enough job of that!


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