Sequestration Meal #130

As I think I've mentioned by now, I recently went through the 2006 All New Complete Cooking Light Cookbook looking for recipes I could make as written or veganize in order to break up the monotony of quarantine cookery. This is their recipe for sushi rice salad, which I made exactly as written.

I am fast discovering, however, that I need to follow my instincts with their recipes. This needed something to sweeten it a bit to balance out the acidity. There is typically some sugar or mirin in sushi rice, but none in this salad. I also think that some seasoned laver, rather than shredded nori, would go better with the salad. I suspect that they used nori because it would have been more readily available to more people.

But I've been inspired, anyway! I can try my own version of this salad at some point, with a bit of mirin or sugar to cut the acidity, some shredded carrot for a bit more color and sweetness, and seasoned laver as a topping. I think that will be much better.


  1. I love sushi salad bowls, but I agree the rice needs to be properly seasoned.


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