A Review of New Things I've Tried #6 (Chocolate Edition)

I promise you there is more I'm trying than sweet things, but I'm trying to make these thematic these days, and recently I've had a lot of new-to-me chocolate things! I am not absolutely certain I haven't had these things before--eating them, I had a certain déjà vu about them--but that may just be because there are similar options across brands.

1. Little Secrets Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Peanut Pieces

Do you remember M&Ms? I always loved peanut M&Ms, and now I can have them again--or at least something very, very similar. I really wished I had some popcorn to eat with these. Not everything in this brand is vegan, so be careful, but this particular snack lists no animal products in its ingredients list.

2. Nature's Promise Dark Chocolate Turbinado Sea Salt Almonds

I don't think the brand of this really matters; many, many brands exist, and I have seen them before without necessarily picking them up. After tasting this I immediately realized I've had these from Trader Joe's and 7-Eleven, and they were very similar. But who can remember life before isolation? These look weird but I love them.

3. Kashi GO Chocolate Crunch Cereal

This is essentially a chocolate flavored granola that consists of soy protein added to oats and puffed rice with some sweeteners and flavoring (chocolate). It used to be called "GO Lean," but now they are apparently calling it just "GO" and put "love" in the circle of the O rather than "lean." The chocolate version was not available to me in non-quarantined life, but now I can try whatever I can find to be shipped, so chocolate breakfast cereal it is! I tend to eat it like any other boxed cereal (from a bowl with soy milk), and I like that it has that extra boost of protein. (I am, in my more challenging emotional states, much more inclined to load up on carbs, but we all need protein. Probably. I am not that kind of doctor.) I've also been known to have a small bowl of this for dessert.

P.S. Look for an update on how I am doing, myself, in a future post.


  1. I picked up some of those chocolate turbinado sugar almonds at Trader Joe’s recently and upon returning home with them, noticed “new recipe” on the corner label. They now contain milk fat. Why, Trader Joe’s, WHY?

  2. I love those Little Secrets! The almond ones are also very good. I don't have the brand here, but a friend sent me a bunch and I was delighted.

    1. I've never seen the almond ones! That sounds great!

    2. I surprisingly like the almond ones even more than the peanut ones!

    3. Chocolate covered nuts of any kind are usually pretty awesome.


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