Sequestration Meal #156

One of the things I'm consistently able to get is the Gardein chick'n teriyaki strips, so while I'm trying to find my emotional equilibrium, I grabbed some out of my freezer and stir fried them with broccoli, onions, and yellow bell pepper strips. I mixed in the sauce, put it over rice, and topped it with scallions and sesame seeds. It was good! The Gardein chick'n strips aren't my absolute favorite thing but if veganism has taught me anything it is that I can change my tastes and preferences, so it is still possible to fall in love with things that might have disappointed me a little at first. (True aversion is another story.)

Adding the veggies definitely elevated this, but I think next time I'll cook the veggies and Gardein strips separately. They don't cook at the same rate and I think this would be better if I split them up.

I want to acknowledge how kind everyone has been to me recently. It's really encouraging to know that we can relate to one another's struggles and quietly help each other press on. The posts I have scheduled this week are definitely emotional struggle meals, although not financial struggle meals, but knowing someone is out there made them somehow less difficult. It sounded like seeing me flounder a bit made you feel that way, too, so to the extent that I can help you lessen your own troubles, I'm grateful for it.


  1. Honestly, the kindess, support, empathy, and commiseration I get from my online community is so important. I know that there are some very toxic places online, but I am forever greatful that I have found such a wonderful group of people and that we can support each other. <3

  2. If I tried the the Gardein chick'n teriyaki strips, it must have been a while ago; I should give them another try!
    I'd been debating not posting this week, but having caught up on posts just now, I think I'll put one together after all! <3

    1. They're nothing all that special, but sometimes all you need is to get dinner done, and they definitely work for that. I'll look for your post!


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