What I Ate in a Day (Leftovers, Mostly)

I occasionally traverse the world of "What I Eat in a Day" videos on YouTube, and decided I'd do a post on that myself. It's perhaps too realistic, though, as the day I chose was primarily a day full of leftovers.

As I sometimes do when I am not hungry right away, I started my day with tea and had breakfast a bit later on. This is Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea with soy creamer.

After an hour or so, I was ready to have something solid. I had some leftover raspberry white chocolate waffles in the fridge (more on that later) and some extra raspberries the delivery system had squashed, so I attempted making raspberry syrup. But I did not have enough raspberries, and ended up with just enough to smear over one waffle. So I added some plain almond milk yogurt to it. I was inspired to put yogurt on waffles by Mina Rome on YouTube, but not in a What I Eat in a Day video. Go figure. It was kind of nice! It needed the sweetness of the syrup (what little there was) because I just used plain yogurt, which is pretty tart, but I could see putting yogurt on waffles again.

At mid morning, I had more tea, this time the Ginger Snappish tea by Bigelow. You can from here on out assume I had one of these teas or non-photographed glasses of ice water the rest of the day.

Lunch was leftover cauliflower steak and quinoa with veggies. To me, this is essentially as good the day after as the first time around. Yum.

It was small so I wanted a little dessert. I had a chocolate tea biscuit, an orange tea biscuit, some squares of dark chocolate, and fresh strawberries. Also yum.
Dinner was leftover barley with leftover tofu steak and some freshly-steamed broccoli. This was my least favorite meal of the day, but it wasn't bad. Just nothing here to really excite me other than the tofu steak, and I think it was probably too much barley.

I realized my daily food had thus far not been quite high enough in sources of lysine as I would like (but you do what's best for you, this is just based on what I feel is important for me), so I had some peanut-heavy trail mix to round out the day for my evening snack.


  1. I love seeing what people eat in a regular day... or a day I guess... are there regular days anymore? I smiled when I saw your strawberries and chocolate. I have been rounding out the end of strawberry season here by having a few strawberries and some dark chocolate after dinner. A lovely combination.


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