Easy Food in Hard Times

 As I've already said multiple times I am sure, there are some times I just can't really think about what to eat, but not all of those times coincide, fortunately, with times I can't bear cooking at all. Which is why recently I've been indulging in things like veggie fried rice with tofu and seasoned laver:

Or spaghetti with veggie meatballs and garlic toast and some Violife Parmesan:

I'm genuinely unsure if there are problems for which those meals aren't tremendously soothing. My photography was not ideal for either, since I was in a hurry and fogged up my camera lens, but hey, we'll call them glamor shots.

In other news, one of my neighbors has a Jack-o-Lantern that makes no logical sense to me.

It appears to be a penguin wearing a surgical mask over its tummy. I think it may have been a cute idea with poor execution. But fall is here again, and Halloween, and something about this photo encapsulates so much of 2020 anyway, in spite of the not-too-bright penguin.


  1. That Jack-O-Lantern gave me a laugh!

  2. Yeah, I'm confused about the jack-o-lantern as well, haha! But your food looks quite comforting!

    1. Is it a jack-o-lantern? A penguin-o-lantern? A mask-o-lantern? Something else? We may never know!


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