Sequestration Meal #151

Onigirazu I filled more than planned, so I put it on a bed of lettuce and wedged in some grape tomatoes to make it stand up.

This onigirazu has rice seasoned like Korean gimbap, i.e., with salt and sesame oil, avocado, a mung bean omelet made with finely chopped carrots and scallions, spam-style baked tofu, and a garnish of sesame seeds. This was meant to be vaguely reminiscent of spam musubi; it was just a whole other thing.

The omelet is the usual I use for this, the vegan egg mix recipe from Liv B's blog. This time I dug out my silicone mold that is meant to make a sandwich-sized egg or a sandwich-bread-style pancake. I ironically never really used it to cook real eggs. But it worked out amazingly well in getting the mung bean omelet in just the right shape.

The tofu is the recipe from the Cheap Lazy Vegan. It has a flavor that is reminiscent of spam, but I think pressing the tofu first would have let it soak in more of the marinade.


  1. Spam tofu? Fascinating. I must have eaten Spam in my youth, but I have very little memory of it. And I think I am confusing it with luncheon meat in my mind when I try and think of what it might have been like. Oh man, now I want to get some vegan luncheon meat! Also very interested in that silicon mold!

    1. It's this brand, and nearly identical, but it makes a sandwich-bread-sized square, rather than a round one of a similar size.


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