Sequestration Meal #159


Having not had my end-of-season corn with my stuffed pumpkins, once the water was back on and running clear again I boiled an ear of it to have with some Gardein crispy tenders with a silicone cup of barbecue sauce, some basic sautéed zucchini, and some Annie's vegan shells in a creamy sauce. The color scheme is a tiny bit monotonous here--it could have used a pop of red or orange, probably--but it tasted good.

After this, I have one more ear of corn and that will be the last of the corn, my neighbor says; she's the one who's been bringing me fresh corn occasionally from her trips to the farmer's market. I've had more fresh corn this year than I usually do, I think, which is at least one pandemic bonus.


  1. I hardly ever eat fresh corn, but I really love it. Corn on the cob is so much fun. Also one of the few vegan options are festivals... even though what ever is a festival anymore.

    1. Whatever indeed. Here it's sometimes Mexican street corn, which is not vegan, either--it has cheese on it--but one can always get a funnel cake or a lemonade, if there were any festivals to go to.

    2. Funnel cake just isn't a thing here!
      Our festivals would tend to have a more generic corn on the cob stand, where they serve it with butter and salt and pepper. But they make them fresh so you could always get one without the butter!

  2. This looks like such a comforting meal, and that's awesome that you got to enjoy so much fresh corn this year!


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