Delivery Review: Shipping from Kroger

It's been quite a while since I showed you any kind of delivery haul! I'd mostly been ordering with other people or just from the same places. This one excited me because there have been some things I haven't been able to get during this entire pandemic. After some extensive Googling, I figured out that although Kroger doesn't have stores here, I could order some things from them to have shipped, and that included some otherwise challenging-to-find items.

And thus, I managed to get my first-ever bag of protein powder, a couple of bottles of Annie's Worcestershire sauce (it's the only vegan brand I have ever been able to find here; Kroger requires you to purchase it in pairs for shipping), and three varieties of vegan Better than Bouillon: "No Chicken", vegetable, and "No Beef."

I wanted this protein powder for a recipe I'd found in March, but then I was never able to get it. It was always sold out. I've never tried protein powder before so this will be a whole new adventure. Wish me luck. I hope now I can find that recipe again!

I actually ordered two jars of the vegetable bouillon paste, but one was damaged in shipping. Fortunately, it was super simple to request a refund through the website.

This was packed impressively, from my perspective, and I have rather a lot of experience with getting stuff delivered. It was split in two boxes, which was a little odd, but it's possible that made the most sense based on the sizes of things. The jars were wrapped in that paper stuff that acts like bubble wrap and then put into reusable plastic zipper bags, so there was minimal plastic waste compared to what I've seen in some other cases, but still if something broke it would not get all over everything. With pairs of the same item, they were placed in a single plastic bag together.

Kroger does require you to buy more than one of some things, and a whole lot of their non-perishables aren't available for shipping, so my quest to get cream-style corn in a can continues. From that perspective, it isn't ideal. But nothing really is. There's a lot on their website that I can get shipped to me that I can't seem to get delivered any other way I know of, and shipping is free if you order more than $35.

Total score: 4 out of 5 for pandemic, 3 out of 5 for the imaginary normal times


  1. I have always really wanted to try that Better Than Bouillon. It is mentioned in so many of my recipe books, but it is not available in Australia and there doesn't seem to be anything quite the same on our shelves.


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