Sequestration Meal #162


Tater tots, leftover sauteed zucchini, some Gardein crispy tenders, and spicy mayo ketchup. 

Heniz has made its "Mayochup," but the actual sauce is not their invention. It's been pretty popular in Puerto Rico for ages (or so the internet tells me). I made mine spicy with some sriracha, but the basic recipe of garlic powder, mayo (Vegenaise in my case), and ketchup is good, too.

I'm eating a lot of faux chicken lately. I am apparently reverting back to the child I never was. (Chicken nuggets or tenders would have been a super rare treat for me growing up.) As I pointed out, after my experience with the broken water main, I kind of needed to regroup, but I didn't want to just have ramen and peanut butter. I think it may be partially impossible for me to get out of a rut when the rut is determined to suck me in, but variations on a theme is at least more different than a constant stream of sameness!


  1. I had some chicken nuggets the other day as well... almost with potato gems too!

    1. Almost. I ended up roasting some sweet potato instead because I needed to use it up. So my potato gems lurk in my freezer, for next time.

  2. Yay for tater tots! And the spicy mayo ketchup sounds fun!


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