Sequestration Meal #160


In accord with a habit anyone who has been reading Food for Dissertating for very long will already know I have, I turned my leftover Annie's shells in a creamy sauce into pasta salad. This one has peas, shredded carrots, scallions, Vegenaise, some soy milk, and some seasoning salt. I had that with some Morningstar Farms chick'n nuggets and some ketchup mixed with sriracha.

The spicy ketchup was really great with these nuggets! I may be pretty limited when it comes to my easy food options, but I can mix up the dipping sauces easily enough. I kind of wished I had olives in my pasta salad, but there's always next time.


  1. I made some pasta primavera last night and I am turning the leftovers into pasta salad for lunch today, which I do after being inspired by you!


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