Sequestration Meal #163


To finish off my week of leftovers (not necessarily shown to you in the same span of time as eaten, mind you; I don't think I took a week to finish these pumpkins), I had the last of my mini pumpkins stuffed with mushrooms and quinoa and sautéed zucchini. I was smart enough to eat two pumpkins this time; my lunch of a single pumpkin on the day the water was off was more a reflection of frustration than anything else.

I don't know why, but I really didn't like the white pumpkins in this application. If someone can tell me what to do with mini white pumpkins other than this sort of thing, I'd be grateful, because the mini orange ones were so good and the delivery is kind of a roll of the dice as to what colors you get. The white ones weren't as sweet or as tender--just weirdly dense and flavorless. I suspect people normally use them for decorations rather than eating, so I may be asking an unanswerable question.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Nobody ever trick-or-treats here, and I suspect this will be more true in a pandemic, but I am curious about what it looks like where you are.


  1. In Australia growing up Halloween was mostly a non-event. It is becoming more popular as time goes on, though not to the extent that it is in other countries. Personally I am not much for Halloween. I am not anti-Halloween for those who want to enjoy it. But I kind of hate it because I do not like food that looks like eyes, teeth, fingers, etc. It just makes me feel nauseous (especially the eyes, which I cannot ever deal with and am almost gagging writing this).

    1. I feel like that's a more recent phenomenon--at least when I was growing up the most "disgusting" thing we ate was dirt pudding, which consisted of crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding, and gummy worms.

    2. Dirt pudding sounds like something I could get behind!


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