Sequestration Meal #161


Having concluded I needed a break from faux chicken, I had the end of my leftover pasta salad (is that double leftovers if it's also made from leftovers) with my last ear of fresh corn and a simple salad of cucumbers and tomatoes. It's not the most protein-heavy meal (although the peas in the pasta salad probably help) but I rounded it out with a glass of soy milk with a mug cake dessert that had peanut butter in it, so I felt okay about it. This was hard to plate because the ear of corn was huge but I will never object to a huge ear of corn.

This time of year it's hard to decide whether it's somehow very late summer crops or early fall ones I should be eating, but I'm glad for this last gasp of summer in late October.


  1. This looks like a wonderful summer meal! It is going to be 33dC here today, so something like that would be perfect.

    1. It's definitely not something that matches the weather I'm experiencing in the northern hemisphere, but yes, it's perfect for Australia right now, isn't it?


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