Interlude: Snacktime

Once upon a time, when this blog was about the packed meals it was intended to be, I had fun showing you my packed snacks. Well, if packing lunch at home makes no sense to stay at home, how much more ridiculous is at-home pack-a-snacks? But I figuerd some of the snacks I've had really could be worth looking at anyway, even if they aren't packed (or packable). So I decided to make some that were, to shake things up a little.

I had some chives, so I made a sour cream-and-chives dip to go with some bagel chips I had on hand. Deciding to make bloggable snacks was such a great idea! I probably wouldn't have done this otherwise, but it was really good.

This one is Gefen chocolate tea biscuits spread with Justin's chocolate hazelnut spread and topped with slices of strawberry. This is nice. I highly recommend this!

Rice crackers and hummus: Pretty well always a good idea.

Hang in there, everyone. These are weird times. We'll get through them and have to fight for things no matter what, but it would be good if we had an easier rather than a harder fight ahead of us, I know. The best thing to do is to protect yourself right now so you can stay in the fight, I think.


  1. I love seeing snacks. They give me good ideas for my own snacks. Even though my house is full of food, sometimes when I want a snack my mind just goes blank. So always good to have some handy ideas on hand.

  2. Fun snacks make weird times much more bearable!


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