Sequestration Meal #171


One of the things I've had as entertainment in quarantine is watching extreme budget meals videos on YouTube. There are pretty much zero vegan ones (not absolutely zero, though--I saw one recently I loved so much I'm tempted to blog about sometime, so let me know if video commentary would be worth reading for you). However, vegan or not, that doesn't mean they don't inspire me to try new things in my own, vegan way. One thing I saw on one of them was hot dog fried rice (I don't remember which one). It seemed a bit weird but I did have to use up some hot dogs, and had some leftover rice, so why not?

I followed this recipe, leaving out the eggs and using vegan hot dogs (obviously). It was a lot simpler than what I usually do for fried rice, but it was actually pretty darn great. I might add other veggies another time, and/or some sort of scrambled egg substitute like a mung bean omelet or some JUST Eggs, but I could happily eat this just as it is. I would even buy hot dogs just to make this again--and this is one case in which the Lightlife hot dogs, which are not my absolute favorite, stand up perfectly well.

I did worry that it was more oil and soy sauce than I usually use, but I think what I may have discovered was that I usually don't use enough soy sauce and oil. I'll be experimenting more with this in the future.


  1. Hot dog fried rice sounds like so much fun! I know my mum would love it.


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