Sequestration Meal #165

Though I'll have more to say about this in upcoming reviews of new products I've tried, I thought this was worth showing as a standalone meal: a Lightlife veggie turkey and Green Planet non-dairy cheddar sandwich on white toast with some butter lettuce, some veggie chips, and a dill pickle.

I can't always get Tofurky (which is really the best of the veggie turkey slices), and I don't like the texture of Lightlife with untoasted bread, but toasting it makes all the difference. The veggie chips were on sale and I'm glad I got them--they add a pop of color and some new-ish flavors to this all-too-common meal of a sandwich and chips.

There will almost never be an occasion, meanwhile, where a dill pickle is not welcome!

Today is election day in the United States. I have scheduled this in advance, so I'm writing this ahead of time. If you haven't voted yet and you're eligible, please do! Vote to end this nightmare. I'm hopeful but wary. I know we probably won't have an official call for who won for quite a while due to the huge numbers of mail-in voting, and I have concerns about what might result if people think something weird is going on. (I also have concerns that something weird could go on, but not on that specific basis.) 

After the election I may have more energy to cook something more exciting--at least I hope so! As of this writing I have managed to cook a few new-to-me recipes and I'm looking forward to showing them to you in the coming days.


  1. Look after yourself my friend! Dill pickles are always a good thing.

    1. I can get dill pickles, too! I miss those little cornichons, though. Someday...

  2. Veggie chips have become a staple snack for me recently; I love the variety of flavors and crunch levels!


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