A Review of New Things I've Tried #8 (Chocolate Edition)

 I know I've already done a chocolate version of this series, and really recently. But these are the times that try the soul. They demand chocolate. I yearn for the day I have less need to indulge in chocolate, but dark chocolate is supposedly good for you (I'm not that kind of doctor, but so I have heard, anyway), and I'm sure there are worse things than eating chocolate.

1. Unreal Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

I've usually bought Justin's peanut butter cups, or if I bought Unreal, I bought the crispy version of their dark chocolate peanut butter cups. But I decided to try their regular ones (it may have been a supply chain issue; much of my experiences lately have been like that). They were shocking and in a good way. I had to take a photo of a cross section to demonstrate:

It's layered! stripes of chocolate and peanut butter throughout! As such, it has a much more appealing texture somehow--not too firm, but not mushy, either. I highly recommend these.

2. Love Crunch Dark Chocolate & Red Berries Granola

I may have had this before; it was one of those things that seemed familiar when I tasted it. This is a good granola for when you want something sweeter--maybe not for breakfast except on the days you're driving the struggle bus, as the expression says, but it can make a nice dessert. (Of course, you know a lot of my breakfasts are very much like dessert anyway. That's just me!)

3. Free 2b Sunflower Butter Cups

Unlike the Unreal peanut butter cups, these had a really soft texture. I think that could be because sunflower seeds themselves are not as firm as peanuts. Though this is a good alternative if you have a nut allergy, I liked some other things better. I probably won't buy these again unless the price is really amazing, but they were a good sweet treat anyway.


  1. I have been buying a lot of chocolate lately as well. Though I haven't been eating much. I just keep buying new things. Like a comfort stash, more than comfort eating.

    1. I think I am comfort stashing weird grains. I keep buying millet and amaranth and such.

    2. I used to do that. And flours. I have so many weird grains and flours in my cupboard to this day. I keep worrying they will go rancid, they are several years old, but so far they have kept well for the most part. I don't have enough room to keep them in the freezer, and it gets hot here!

    3. Yeah, I think most dry grains can last a long time, even in warm climates.


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