A Review of New Things I've Tried #9 (Spreads and Dips Edition)

 More spreads and dips! Expanding possibilities! Or an attempt at that with mixed success, anyway.

1. Country Crock Plant Butter with Almond Oil

This dairy-free margarine is pretty similar to the Country Crock version with olive oil, but less savory, and if it's not my imagination it's also less salty. I think I liked the olive oil one better, but you can't always find the same things, so it's good to have some alternatives.

2. Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

On the quest to find new alternatives to Nutella that are more Nutella-like than Justin's (Justin's chocolate hazelnut spread is good, but let's face it, it's too healthy to be a real substitute for Nutella!), I found I could get this one I'd never tried shipped to me. It's more like Nutella in some ways and less like it in others. It has chicory in it and I think that's the main "this is not Nutella" sign. I suspect they put chicory in to give it a more "dark chocolate" flavor. It's really good--I will definitely get through this jar!--but be prepared for it not really tasting like Nutella if that's what you're going for. If you can accept this as its own thing, I expect you'll like it.

3. Taste of Inspirations Olive Mediterranean Inspired Hummus

It sounded like such a nice idea--hummus with olives and artichokes--but it wasn't that well executed. If you know much about artichokes, you know that you don't want to eat the stiff part, but I kept finding hard bits of artichoke in this dip. For this brand, at least, I don't think I'll order anything else with artichokes in it!


  1. I am not the biggest fan of artichokes, in part because of the stiff parts. A shame it wasn't put together better.
    That PB&Co sounds more up my alley, I am not looking for a Nutella replacement as such because Nutella is far too sweet for me. But something darker sounds much more fun!

    1. Have you got the Vego spread over there? That is meant to be very much like Nutella.

    2. There is one I have tried before that is very much like Nutella, but I was just exploring the possibilities. It's not always easy to get things these days.

    3. Also I think the Peanut Butter & Co. is still pretty sweet--just more bitter too--and if you want a less-sweet kind I would suggest Justin's.


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