A Review of New Things I've Tried #11 (Crunchy Savory Snacks Edition)

 Once upon a time, I rarely if ever bought this sort of thing at the grocery store. If I wanted chips or something, I would pick them up at the convenience store near the library where I worked. But I found that I needed them at home, now, and thus, I'm buying such things more often.

1. Terra Original Sea Salt Vegetable Chips

I'm pretty sure I've had these before, but I don't know exactly what varieties, so I'm including them in this review post. Sometimes one gets tired of the potato chips one can get as a vegan, since so many flavors have milk in them for whatever reason. Or maybe you just don't want potatoes. The original variety of these is made of yuca, taro, sweet potato, parsnip, and batata, some kissed with beet juice. It's a great, earthy, salty-but-slightly sweet flavor. I love them and will readily buy them when they go on sale. (When I added these to a shared order with a neighbor, she said I made her own list expand, because she had to have some, too.)

2. Simple Truth Vegan White Cheddar Rice Crackers

These were good, but not great. They had that distinctive white cheddar powder flavoring that gets stuck to your fingers and is fun to lick off, but the crackers themselves were really bland. Dipping them in hummus as suggested on the package made for a good snack, but there are plenty of other things I like better with hummus. I ate these and enjoyed them, but probably wouldn't buy them again. If you're gluten free and want some sort of cheesy cracker, though, this might be worth trying.

3. Stacy's Everything Bagel Chips

These are delightful. They're good with dips or on their own. They have a great flavor--everything bagel, for the uninitiated, is garlic, onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and salt. I never think of bagel chips but I'm really glad I ordered these.


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