Sequestration Meal #167

I was really not interested in food, but I can usually convince myself to eat a cucumber. As I was cutting it up, I started thinking about what else I could convince myself to eat if I made it a bit more exciting, and put together this hummus platter: Everything bagel chips, cucumber spears, carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, and garlic hummus topped with scallions and everything bagel seasoning. (Is this too much everything bagel? Or is that even possible?)

I haven't really doctored up my hummus in a while, but it's really nice to do--that garnish made that little cup of hummus look really appetizing, and I ate it all that way.

We do what we can!


  1. I expect that if you ate Everything But The Bagel seasoning straight, you would hit maximum pretty fast. But if it is balanced with other foods, I have my doubts as to there being a theoretical limit... (and this certainly isn't anywhere near it! And the whole plate looks delicious!)

    1. The seasoning, yes--I was thinking more along the lines of too much of a theme!

  2. That looks like a fancy little snacking plate!

  3. Your hummus platter looks great! Now I must try everything bagel seasoning with hummus!


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