Sequestration Meal #173


I'll say one thing for the long, drawn-out quest to declare a president-elect: It got me really into preparing food and blogging as a distraction. But I'm afraid I wasn't all that into prepping; the food I made was often chick'n nuggets again. On the night I ate this, Joe Biden sat at 264 electoral votes, just has he had the day before, and for some reason that was cause to make some mayo-mustard dipping sauce (which is just mayo, dijon mustard, yellow mustard, and dill) and three things to dip into it: Morningstar Farms chick'n nuggets, the end of a bag of tater tots, and some mini cucumber slices.

I am, alas, now out of tater tots. But it was worth it. I loved the mayo-mustard sauce--many of the same flavor notes as ranch dressing, but also its own thing. It would be great on sandwiches or salad, too.


  1. Mayo mustard sauce sounds great, as do your things for dipping into it!

    1. It was a nice meal! So many chik'n nuggets, so many sauces to try.


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