My Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner for One in Isolation

I did it! Mostly. Looking back at my plan, I made almost everything I thought I would for Thanksgiving, but did not make crescent rolls. I had a lot of trouble with motivation and appetite, but for some reason, it was important to me to actually do it. I had my Thanksgiving dinner yesterday (Friday), because I spent Thursday resting and doing prep work (so many veggies to wash and chop, cashews to soak, etc.) and baking a pie.

Yes, there was pie!

I haven't been all that interested in eating over the past several days, and honestly it was hard to convince myself to eat some of these things. They tasted great, so it wasn't that. I think depression is taking a toll, perhaps. But! Once I tasted things, I was glad I had them, especially that green bean casserole and stuffing.

The gravy I ended up making was the one from Nora Cooks, because it looked easier. It was good, but the Dijon mustard taste was a bit out of the norm for Thanksgiving. Also, when I plated things, I realized just how brown everything looked. I'd usually have had something brighter--some carrots, some cranberry sauce, maybe some brussels sprouts, yams--but nobody is going to do all that alone, are they? (Somebody probably did, who is not me.)

I'll be eating leftovers for a bit, but I think I'll try making tofu steaks to go with the sides. I need something light. I wanted to show this to you right away, so you're going to see what I ate before Thanksgiving next, and later on you'll see how I dealt with my Thanksgiving leftovers.

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope it was happy! Hang in there. I'm not sure how we get out of this but I think eventually we will.


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