Sequestration Meal #178


I caved. I bought JUST Egg scramble mix. The price had come down, it was available to me, and I was still looking for a way to make Asian rolled omelets. I still haven't quite gotten it right, but that's mostly because the "egg" stuck to my pan. Back to the drawing board!

Here I have a most basic of assortments: A quick cucumber salad made from tossing slices of Persian cucumber in rice vinegar spiced with gochujang and then topping them with black sesame seeds, rice with shiso furikake, and my best effort at a traditional Korean rolled omelet (계란말이, i.e., gyeran mari, literally "egg roll"). 

I've always thought they were so beautiful with the orange and green of the finely chopped carrots and scallions against the yellow, but my own mung bean egg mix hadn't ever quite gotten me where I needed to be with rolled omelets, whether Korean or Japanese style (Japanese tamagoyaki is very similar to Korean gyeran mari, but sweeter and often just a seasoned egg mix without veggies). JUST Egg was a bit different than eggs--it behaved more like thin pancake batter, plus it somehow adhered to the pan I used to use for these things--so I have some work to do to get this right. But I know I'm very close. Next time, if it doesn't stick, I can make a bigger omelet.

This is very much bento food--도시락 (dosirak), I suppose, since it's Korean aside from the shiso furikake--and next time I make these, even at home, I think I'll put them into a bento box. Life is rough and we need things to look forward to.


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