A Review of New Things I've Tried #23 (Dairy Substitutes Edition)

I think dairy was the thing I was most reluctant to give up when I was in my vegan transition, and now it's not a big deal at all. That doesn't mean there aren't disappointing things out there. This review is mixed: There is something to like and not like about all of this stuff.

1. WayFare Dairy-Free Sour Cream

This is a much lower-calorie version of sour cream than many I've seen. That's not why I tried it, but that might be why some people might be interested in it. For me, it had that weird grittiness that a lot of non-dairy products have, and if I can get it, I'll always gravitate toward Tofutti sour cream. I did make it through the whole tub, though, so it wasn't inedible. I think I'd rather make my own cashew sour cream than buy this, but the flavor was pretty good. Aside from the grit, I'd probably be fine with having it again even though Tofutti is, in my opinion, far superior.

2. Kite Hill Vanilla Almond Milk Yogurt

Kite Hill is definitely on the more luxurious end of vegan brands. This yogurt tastes amazing and has a wonderful, creamy texture. You can also see the specks of vanilla bean in the yogurt, and the taste is somehow brighter (if that makes any sense) than a lot of vanilla-flavored things. I have two complaints about Kite Hill. One, it costs an arm and a leg. This was on sale and there was a store coupon so I only paid about 75 cents or so for this cup of single serve yogurt, but these usually run about $2/each, which is kind of a lot. Two, it's not fortified with anything. Some people do prefer the natural approach, and I get that, but this is essentially fat and sugar, so it's more like dessert yogurt with probiotics than anything. I'd buy it again if it were on sale, but I wouldn't pay full price, probably.

3. Flora Professional Plant Butter with Avocado Oil

I bought this in one of my deliveries from a restaurant supply company. There are few reasons why the average person would buy restaurant supplies, but this is, after all, a pandemic. This butter comes in one-pound blocks, not divided into quarters the way we're accustomed to from the grocery store. It works like butter works (i.e., behaves as butter would in cooking and baking). To me the flavor just isn't as exciting as Earth Balance. This is a good, neutral fat for baking and things, but if you want something to spread on toast, I'd steer toward other margarines. I am glad to have this as an option for when delivery food is tough (which is sometimes, still), but it's not my top choice.


  1. We recently had Flora Professional release a vegan heavy cream here (with no coconut in it, hurrah), so lots of creamy stuff has been happening in vegan kitchens across Australia. I have never seen the butter though.

    I agree that Tofutti Sour Cream is the superior vegan sour cream.


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