Sequestration Meal #276


Since I had stout left over from my ill-advised Irish stew, I made some equally ill-advised Welsh rarebit, using the recipe from One Green Planet. The recipe doesn't have any cheese, but it's stretchy because of the arrowroot powder. (Vegan sorcery again!) I put some Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon that I cooked some spinach with on the side, because if this was a disaster I would at least have that.

It tasted good, but, like the stew, after a few bites I felt an aversion to it. I think my body is warning me fiercely against the beer, and this time I decided to listen. After about half a slice of toast with the rarebit, I ate my spinach and bacon, threw out the rest of the rarebit, and finished off the meal with some soy milk and a couple of mini doughnuts.

For some reason, this brought a line from A Different World to mind. I can't recall the context at all. But I can remember Whitley Gilbert's assertion, "Men and women cannot be friends, because women do not like beer." Please tell me if you have any idea what the context was.

It's important to know what isn't good for us (however that manifests itself). I at least know now that cooking with beer isn't going to work out for me. Honestly, that makes me kind of happy to know, because beer is a pricey ingredient. More for the rest of you!


  1. I'm glad you didn't force yourself to eat it! I have a rarebit recipe I am going to make one day soon that has zero beer and vegan cheese, so I am hoping it is going to be tasty.

    1. On the one hand, I suppose that's just cheesy toast. On the other hand, CHEESY TOAST!


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