Sequestration Meal #270

 There are meals that are hard to show in photographs, but I'll try. I made a little (5-inch) savory pie.

My pie crust is a bit scraggly but if you have ever made vegan pie crust you know it's hard to get it to be anything else if you want to do something quick. It was fine; it tasted good. The point isn't crust (though the crust should be nice for something like this) but the filling.

Yes, my friends, this is a vegan Italian sausage, ricotta, and spinach pie! I know such things exist in omnivore world with other ingredients, and perhaps I can be praised for veganizing it, but my intent here was primarily to use things up. I had some ricotta left over from the lasagna rolls I made, there was a package of Tofurky Italian sausage in the fridge, the end of a bag of spinach was quickly wilting, some mushrooms were headed south soon, there was just a bit of Violife mozzarella left, and I had an open bottle of JUST Egg that needed to be finished off. I wouldn't set out to make this from the outset, but it was there, demanding that I make it, so I obliged.

This is stick-to-your-ribs food, the kind of thing you eat when you need to entice yourself to get through every bite. Fortunately, it was enticing. If I were to make this again I'd probably make TVP Italian sausage instead of using a sausage link, but the Tofurky was good, too.

So here's to finding a path through the darkness. I wish you the best of luck.


  1. This looks amazing! I love that you were able to make this up from things you needed to use up. So creative. I normally just sautee everything up and stick it on top of a microwaved potato.


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