Sequestration Meal #280


As I am confronting my anxiety-induced food hoarding tendencies (which were always a little bit there, I think, but not improved by any means over the past year or so), I have been trying to eat the things in the freezer I was saving for the possibility that I wouldn't be able to get food for a while (which yes, happened a couple of times, but not often enough to warrant keeping the freezer jam packed at all times). Buried in the midst of it all was about half a bag of tofu-and-vegetable potstickers.

I don't really need a recipe for Asian dumpling soup, but I found one to follow along with anyway (this omnivore one from the Modern Proper was easily veganized). It was quick and delicious. My dumplings, sitting there frozen for a year and jostled around my freezer who knows how many times in that time span as I pulled things out and put them back, of course, exploded, but exploding dumplings can make a fine soup. I do think the broth was a bit salty, and that was my fault for following the Modern Proper too closely--there was no need to add stock, soy sauce, and salt. When I make this again--if frozen dumplings are available in some future life of mine--I will add more water and no salt and just let the broth and soy sauce do the work. But that aside, this was really delightful.


  1. For some reason I never think of using frozen dumplings to add to soup, but this is a very good idea. Especially as things get cooler over here.

    1. It's the easiest, most delicious soup! You just season the broth and there you are, but if you want a bit more substance you can add some veggies. I like mushrooms in it sometimes. A good basic broth is whatever your favorite veggie broth is + soy sauce + sesame oil, but sometimes I add a splash of rice vinegar, too, for that vague "oriental" flavor of childhood. A sprinkling of scallions and sesame seeds is always a nice touch. Have fun experimenting!


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