Sequestration Meal #284


As I'm being deliberate in using what I've got around, I decided to make this simple meal of soy curl fajitas (recipe from Dianne's Vegan Kitchen), tortillas, and some Mexican rice (recipe from Plant Based on a Budget). 

Naturally, you might ask why, if I have my own way of making Mexican rice and love it, would I use someone else's recipe. Well, put simply: I didn't have it in me to make mine. I was exhausted. But this time it's with good reason!

I am half-vaccinated! I abruptly got an appointment, got my shot, and got side effects. I was happy to have side effects because hey, that means it's working. But it did wipe me out, and even when I got to the weekend, when I typically do my cooking, I wasn't able to face difficult things, even if "difficult" meant "getting out spices." I already was doing enough, I figured, to make the fajitas. And now you want to add all that other stuff? Nope.

I'm still devoted to my own rice (and will, eventually, get a recipe for it to you). This rice was easy, but not very Mexican, really; it was just tomato rice. But that was okay, because I like rice, and I like tomato sauce, so there you go.

My mother always ordered fajitas in Mexican restaurants, something I never understood when there were so many good things to have that weren't fajitas. I don't know if I ever made fajitas at home as an omnivore. But I had bell pepper and onions and soy curls and was avoiding ordering groceries (because, people, I am going to get to go to the store myself in about a month, and I hope to reduce my stocks before then for the joy of convenience foods that time forgot), so it seemed like the thing to do. It was good--not my favorite way to have Mexican food, but still tasty and pretty easy overall.

Since I was wiped out for a while I may have less for you to see this week, but it's for the very best of reasons!


  1. My first dose also wore me out for a few days. I didn't have much of an appetite either.

    1. It was such a weird, roving array of symptoms, but I'm glad both of us could be vaccinated.


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