Sequestration Meal #272


It wasn't until after I started eating this that I realized how recently I'd made rice, but this was different rice, so it didn't register for me. (The last rice you saw was basmati; this is long grain.) And there are people in the world who eat rice every day, with practically every meal, so it's probably fine!

This is one of my favorite things to do when I don't really want to think very hard about dinner, but have the wherewithal to cook something: A rice bowl. It is essentially a basic yellow rice with onions and peppers and some Tofurky Italian sausage. I put in some vegan butter, a garlic clove, turmeric, broth made from no-chicken bouillon, a bay leaf, salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning for good measure. It smelled and tasted amazing and dinner was done with little fuss, plus I finally finished off my Tofurky sausages. I was reminded why I so rarely buy them--once you open a package you're committed to getting through it!

You could easily make this with canned beans, though; I have done this with any number variations on this dish.

Suddenly we are edging toward no-more-oven weather, and I'm not sure I'm ready. But I still have some cool weather to go--and some warming meals to look forward to.


  1. I freeze leftover vegan meats all the time so I can parcel them out. Even if they are already frozen, I just thaw enough to be able to break off the amount that I want, then put the rest back in the freezer. I so far have never had an issue with the final product.


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