Sequestration Meal #282


Around this phase of grocery juggling, I need to use specific things up, but I don't need to order more things for a while. So I had some zucchini headed to sad places and a partially-open can of coconut milk in the fridge, and decided to make the creamy zucchini sauce from Eat Something Vegan. It's essentially roasted zucchini in a coconut milk sauce seasoned with herbs, spices, garlic, and tomato paste. You can put it on rice, toast, or pasta, the recipe post said, so I cooked up some small shells to have with it.

Although this covered the veggies, fat, and carbs part of the meal nicely, I wanted some more protein, so I baked a vegan chicken patty while I was cooking the zucchini. All in all, a successful using-stuff-up meal, but I can't really evaluate this recipe since I used dried herbs rather than fresh, and I think this would be a lot better with fresh herbs.


  1. Nice recipe find to use up what you needed! Do you have a system for finding recipes or ideas when you have some random stuff to use up? Do you do a random google?

    1. It's a combination of keeping track of recipes I want to try and what is in them and the occasional random Google session, or just winging it.


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