Sequestration Meal #273


When the grocery delivery comes, it is always cause for excitement. This time around, strawberries were on sale. I was skeptical of March strawberries but decided to gamble on them, and they were glorious. So I made this sweet-and-savory sandwich: Multigrain bread, toasted; Kite Hill non-dairy cream cheese; sliced strawberries, sliced cucumber, Tofurky oven roasted deli slices; and spinach.

As I've been trying to tweak my diet to see what makes me feel better, I decided to venture away from my favored white bread a bit. I still bought a loaf of white bread this time, to ease myself into things, but I'm branching out. This multigrain bread was billed as "soft," though that is not at all how I'd describe it! I want to know what "not soft" would be to this baker! But it is a good foil for the ingredients in a sandwich like this one, where it seems like the juicy strawberries and cucumbers might otherwise make things soggy. Toasting the bread also seems to help matters. I like the bread. It's not the same thing as the usual bread I eat at all, but it works. And it has more of the nutrients I'm trying to get more of. So I think I get a brownie point or two for venturing beyond my comfort zone again.

The flavors in this sandwich complement each other well, but there are many possible variations that I think would work. You could use avocado instead of cream cheese or alongside it. I think Violife's feta could be nice instead of cream cheese, if you're more into feta. If you had sprouts around, this is one of the places I think they'd be delightful rather than a weird mouthful of grass. (Sprouts and I get along sometimes but not in all the places they turn up.) And I think if you left off the cucumbers, you could swap apple slices in for the strawberries. So many sweet and savory sandwich options.

This sandwich is also really pretty, so it would probably be good to use to impress people, if you had people to impress. (People? What are those?)

Today marks the one year anniversary of the day I retreated into an indefinite sequestration, leaving packed lunches behind here in favor of the "Sequestration Meal" series, along with delivery reviews, reviews of new things I've tried (when they were what I could get), and, of course, a whole lot more breakfasts than usual. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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