Lunchopolis #88


I have had some issues lately, so cooking hasn't been happening so much. But one of the joys of bentos is that they can make all sorts of meals look more appealing! Weirdly enough, in this case I didn't even pack what I'd planned; when I finished assembling everything I realized I'd made potato salad and intended to bring it and just...didn't.

What can I say. I'm stressed.

So instead, this is a sandwich of Lightlife veggie bologna, Field Roast Chao cheese, iceberg lettuce, Vegenaise, and some whole grain bread; two blueberry-lemon energy balls (in case I needed a snack); two clementines, halved; and cucumber slices and one lone grape tomato with a little chick cup with everything bagel seasoning.

I found the recipe for the blueberry-lemon energy balls at Cozy Peach Kitchen. They were delicious, though mine weren't as purple as the picture--I think they would have been more purple if I'd used frozen blueberries. I loved the lemony flavor. Often when I use dates in things they end up tasting of dates no matter what but these really did have a strong lemon flavor, so that was nice.

Potato salad tomorrow, I suppose!


  1. This looks like such a lovely lunch, even minus the potato salad.

    1. It was! And it meant I still got to have potato salad later!


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